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    It all started way back in 2016 when a school teacher from Brooklyn moved into the Queens apartment of her filmmaker boyfriend. After combining their stuffed animals, and donating their extraneous clothes, they set about their days holding hands and telling secrets amongst the streets of leafy, lovely, Queens.

    It was during these romantic walks that the filmmaker shared his frustration at the lack of love that Queens got as far as boroughs go, and moreover, how little clothing there was that appealed to the Queens native. The filmmaker and the school teacher shared their thoughts of quotes that would be whimsical yet resonant for the Queens citizen.

    What started as simple banter became brainstorming before bed, and passive research, and eventually an honest discussion on whether a business was even possible. Finally one day the school teacher said; "Let's do it!" The filmmaker rejoiced and embraced the schoolteacher with such love and affection that the birds sang and the slugs danced.

    Or something like that.

    The planning began, but first, they needed a name. And so, on a cross-country flight to Arizona, the couple went through dozens of name options before narrowing it down to one. And by the time they landed, The Local Wit was born. They bought the domain after a buffet brunch (poor idea, nobody really needs a buffet) and went to float in the pool relieved that the hard work had been done.

    What they didn't realize, of course, was since they both had full-time jobs (two actually, for the school teacher) they would have to build the brand in the few free hours they had in the evenings.

    And so the work began. They approved designs before dinner, talked strategy over dinner, and built the brand after dinner.

    Several weeks later The Local Wit went live, complete with social media, clothing, greeting cards and a flurry of doves that flew to the heavens while singing a Gershwin tune.

    Trust us, it happened just like that.

    The Local Wit realizes that life is short and so their goal is simple: create comfortable, irreverent clothing and humorous items that showcase Queens with just a hint of sass. OK, maybe more than a hint. The brand hopes to represent the spirit and hustle of the over 2.3 million people who come from all around the world make Queens a diverse wonderland.

    The Local Wit: Clothing, Style, Sass.